XS Finance



The goal of this Grant is to build out Time Weight Asset Market Manager (TWAMM) functionality for Balancer.


The goal of TWAMM functionality is to execute large trades over a period of time in a way that reduces slippage and gas cost for the party executing a swap. In order to have the same outcome without this functionality a trader would need to split their trade into multiple transactions over a period of time. The Balancer DAO is excited to be able to offer this automated functionality to larger traders such as other DAOs.

This grant is planned to span over 3 to 4 months and will be broken into four phases. The first phase will be finalizing the approach and specifications. The second phase will be implementation focused. The third and four phases will include testing and the ultimate launch. We are very excited to onboard this new service for Balancer users and look forward to partnering with the XS Finance team over the next few months.

Grant Amount