Review Process

The Grants and Contributor program is run by the Balancer Grants Committee, a group of BAL contributors supported committed to the development of Balancer.


For questions or complaints - please visit the #grants discord channel or mail grants@balancer.community.

Grant Applications Review

At Balancer, we want our applicants to feel heard and supported, not only financially. That is why we want this process to be as clear as possible for you. During the evaluation, the Grant Committee looks at the reasonable viability of your plan and does due diligence on you and your team. The evaluation process takes about 2 weeks. Besides viability, remember that the Balancer Grants are looking for projects that are in some shape or form related to the Balancer ecosystem!

If the application is successful, you will be contacted, further steps will be discussed, you will be connected with a mentor for regular calls to keep up to date and provide support. It is expected that this is reciprocated by grantees through operational transparency, high developer velocity, active repositories and frequent communications towards us.

Grant Milestone Review

Balancer Grants works with milestone based payouts. These milestones are clear and reasonable targets based on the communication between the grantees and the Grant Committee. Grantees are encouraged to map their deliverables and timeline.


Grants are awarded in BAL tokens, based on predefined installments. Such installments are subject to a payment schedule to ensure that predefined milestones are achieved, and the first milestone can be prepaid. The grants can be priced in either USD or BAL value, to be selected by the grantee at the start of the grant. The Balancer Grants Committee controls payments and assesses milestone reports from grantees prior to follow-on payments. The Balancer Grants Committee may not distribute follow-on payments for projects that do not hit their deliverables.