RFPs, Challenges & Opportunities

💡 RFPs

These are typically ideas for new applications/tools that build on top of the core Balancer protocol or data (think of Coppers Fair Launch UI). These ideas are sourced from the community so are already something that people want and will use.


Trading view style charts for Balancer v2
Custom UI focused on indexes
Custom UI using internal balances.
Minimal and alternative opensource/community Balancer UI/interface
Join/Exit Pool recipies/alternative UI
Flashbot style trading using Balancer pools
Python Front End
Balancer auto-compounders


Experimental optimization algorithms for order routing

Protocol/Smart Contract:

Rebalancing pool
TWAMM on Balancer V2 - ⚒️ In Progress ⚒️
Variable fee pools
Novel ideas for oracle feeds to be used in Metastable pools e.g. FX pools from USD to EUR/GBP using Chainlink

🎯 Bounties

Well specified issues/feature requests which are a good candidates for external contribution. These Bounties can be good for individual contributors and can be a great way to get to know the Balancer protocol in more detail. Also Balancer is always on the look out for great developers and completing Bounties are a great way to demonstrate your skills while getting paid!

Python SDK:

Make balpy feature complete with the Vault
LBP/ManagedPool control
Integrate SOR

Application Process

  1. Pick a task you find interesting and make sure you have a good idea of how to approach it. Feel free to ask questions in the Balancer Discord, #dev channel if required.
  2. Fill out this form and in Step 3 mention you're applying for an RFP/Bounty along with the title of the task.
  3. In Step 5 add the estimated expense for you to complete the task, normally the full amount won't be paid until completion so make this as accurate as possible.
  4. Once you submitted the form a member of the Grants Committee will be in touch to follow up the next steps which normally involved a call with a Committee member to discuss the project.
  5. Thanks for applying!

If you have more RFPs in mind or ideas but lack the know how or time to build it yourself, just reach out to us at grants@balancer.community or contact us via Twitter. And remember if you have your own idea for a project you want to build you can apply here.

Do you have marketing/sponsorship related opportunities you would like to discuss? Please check out the Marketing subDAO here and its own application form here.