RFPs, Challenges & Opportunities

With the Balancer Grants up and running, we have room to grow the Balancer ecosystem even further. Our current program is already showing high demand and innovative technology is being worked on through grants. But we want to do more! Therefore we will start building out this list of RFPs, challenges and opportunities.

Take this list as inspiration and apply to our grant program with your ideas. If you have any proposals outside of this list you are of course still welcome to apply!

If you have more RFPs in mind or ideas but not the know how to pull off the grant, just reach out to us at grants@balancer.community or contact us via Twitter.

And to all developers who join us in this journey, we got you covered 💪, not only through grants 💰 and mentoring 👨‍🏫 but also with guides 🗺 and documentation 📃 A list of resources can be viewed here 👇

Developer Resources

Check out the RFPs, challenges and opportunities down below 👇

TWAMM on Balancer V2

A bounty for the implementation of the TWAMM concept on Balancer V2.

LP analytics page

The Balancer Ecosystem needs a good analytics page. Forking Sushi Analytics (MIT license) could be a way to do this.

Minimal and alternative opensource/community Balancer UI/interface

Functionality could include pool join/exit, swapping, and pool creation.

Novel ideas for oracle feeds to be used in Metastable pools e.g. FX pools from USD to EUR/GBP using Chainlink
Trading view style charts for Balancer v2
Custom UI focused on indexes
Deposit/Withdraw Zaps

This would be especially awesome to have a proof of concept on Polygon w/ low fees.

Custom UI using internal balances.

Use the internal balances feature of Balancer v2 to allow users to join, exit, swap, or create pools using internal balances. Include a way to deposit/withdraw.

Balancer POAP gallery/display
Experimental optimization algorithms for order routing
Integrate with Volmex volatility for variable fees
Rebalancing pool

An LBP w/ public LPs, weights controlled by smart contract calculating indicators.

Flashbot style trading using Balancer pools
A backend fallback system for if the Polygon Subgraph is down

Uses a combination of cached pools (maybe IPFS?) and on-chain calls to give the Balancer frontend and SOR all the data it needs without reliance on The Graph.